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Project Components

The components and their sub-components and activities are given in the table below:





Forestry Interventions and Biodiversity Conservation through Community Participation

1. Forestry Interventions in Villages Landscape

A. Jhum Agro-forestry                          10,325 ha.

B. Jhum Fallow Forestry                       4,594 ha.

C. Jhum Conservation to Forestry          4,594 ha.

D. Jhum Conservation to CCA              3,697 ha.

E. Protection and Expansion of CCA   55,886 ha.

F. Set up Nursery                                  185 no.

2. Monitoring and Evaluation

A. GIS mapping (Outsourcing)

B. Mid- Term Evaluation (Physical)

C. End-Term Evaluation (Socio Economic & Physical)

D. Project Impact Assessment (Socio Economic &Physical)

E. Designing and establishment of MIS/

F. procurement of financial/management software

G. Annual Review at Division Level

H. Annual Review at State Level

I. Concurrent Physical Survey


 Livelihood Improvement and Community Development in 185 project villages, average 3 SHGs per village

1. Micro Planning Preparation

2. Strengthening of JFMCs

3. Community Development Activities (Entry

     Point Activities (EPA))

4. Water harvesting Structure for

5. Community

6. Support for Income Generation Activities

7. Day-Visit Destinations


Institutional strengthening


1. Strengthening of PMU,

2. Strengthening of 11 DMUs and

3. Strengthening of 22 FMUs



Project Management Consultancy

1. International: 9 Man Months

2. National: 204 Man Months