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Our Team

  1. Dharmendra Prakash, IFS- Chief Project Director
  2. Meyipokyim, IFS (Rtd)- Project Director (Administration, Finance and Procurement)
  3. Vedpal Singh, IFS- Project Director (Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation)
  4. Supongnukshi, IFS- Project Director (Human resource Development, Research and Extension)
  5. Angho Konyak, SFS- Dy. Project Director (Administration, Finance and Procurement)
  6. Senthil Kumar, IFS- Dy. Project Director (Biodiversity, Forest Management and Planning)
  7. T. Husie, SFS- Dy. Project Director (JFMC, Communi9ty Development, Livelihood and IGA)
  8. Samomkhelen Singh, IFS- Dy. Project Director (Monitoring & Evaluation and GIS)
  9. Hukato Chisi, IFS- Dy. Project Director (Awareness Generation, Capacity Building and Training
  10. LhinghoiKim Touthang, IFS- Dy. Project Director (Documentation, Publication and Research)




                                                                                Support Staff

Project Extension Officer


Office manager

Admin Assistant

Civil Engineer

Office Assistant

Data Entry/Computer Operator

Accounts Assistant


Accounts Officer


Office Peon